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Last NameFirst NamePhone # Email CampusLocationDepartmentDivisionTitleCredentials
SmithTabitha12366010831;ext=5261 PG Office of the Registrar Curriculum Officer 
Chambers-RichardsTamara12366015091;ext=5510 236-601-5091 ext 5510 PG Health SciencesHealth SciencesDean of Health Sciences 
DunphyTamara12366010925;ext=5378 PG Office of the Registrar Act Admissions Officer 
KulchyskiTammy17787631596;ext=5909 778-763-1596 ext 5909 PG 1-216BFood ServicesFood ServicesFood Services Supervisor 
TrottierTanis12366010951 PG Trades & Technology Instructor Welding 
JamesTannis12366010789;ext=5203 PG Access & Continuing Education Manager Continuing Education 
BenedictTansy17789244113;ext=1814 1814 LD 113Lakes District Seas Aborg Advisor Liason 
BarrettTanya12366010777;ext=5189 PG Health Sciences Fti Clinical Mentor 
XuTao12366010872;ext=5310 PG Human Srv, UT & Bus Studies Fti Com/Accounting 
GreenTara17787631632;ext=5930 PG Health Sciences Fti Ncbnp 
JohnsonTara12366011547;ext=5498 PG Health Sciences Seas Lab Tech, Dental Studies S/C 50/50 
LutsiakTara12366012748;ext=6043 PG Trades & Technology Lvrpl Programs Planner - Trades & Tech 
SzerencsiTara17787630438;ext=5539 PG VP Finance & Corp Srvs Vice President Finance/Admin 
JohnsonTaren12366010850;ext=5282 236-601-0850 ext 5282 PG Marketing & Communications Communications Officer - Digital & Social Media 
SchneiderTatym12366015108;ext=5523 236-601-5108 ext 5523 PG Health SciencesHealth SciencesFTI Sonography 
DauvinTerri17787631595 778-763-1595 ext 5908 PG 1-739Office of the RegistrarOffice of the RegistrarContinuing Ed Clerk 
HounsellTerry12366010805;ext=5221 PG Office of the Registrar Admissions Officer 
HuynhThi PG Marketing & Communications Fxtm Marketing Coordinator Early Access 
BennieThomas12366010998;ext=5475 236-601-0998 ext 5475 PG 1-735Access & Continuing Education Program Coordinator 
LittlerThuy12366011559;ext=5500 PG Human Resources Hr Advisor Analyst 
SantosTiago12366012765;ext=6060 PG Access & Continuing Education Part Time HR Management 1B1 
GunningTiffany12366010796;ext=5210 236-601-0796 ext 5210 PG 3-336Financial ServicesFinancial ServicesAccountant 
ThakkarTiger12366012760;ext=6055 PG Human Srv, UT & Bus Studies Pt English Type 1A Early Access 
PurdueTila12505615823;ext=5823 PG President Exec Assist to Exec Office 
SchwabTimothy12366010792;ext=5206 PG Trades & Technology Fti Civil Engineering Technology 
DunphyTodd QN Quesnel Fxtm Toolroom Attendant 
LuntyToni PG Health Sciences Sess NCBNP Instructor 
AlbisserTracie12366010858;ext=5292 236-601-0858 ext 5292 PG 1-511Human Srv, UT & Bus Studies Instructor Human Kinetics 
WallTracy12366010800;ext=5216 PG Human Srv, UT & Bus Studies Instructor Mathematics 
OlsonTravis PG Facilities Services Custodian 
GoeujonTrevor12509917539;ext=7539 QN Quesnel Sessional Millwright 
TurnerTristen PG Facilities Services Maintenance Person-Power Engineer 
MorinTroy12505673202;ext=3202 3202 PG PGHuman Srv, UT & Bus Studies Associate Dean HUB 
WerrellTroy12366010910;ext=5356 PG Trades & Technology FT Piping Trades 
BakerTrudy12366010839;ext=5269 PG Health Sciences Instructor Health Care Assistant 
BassettTyler12366010856;ext=5289 PG Human Srv, UT & Bus Studies Ft Biology / Nres Split Code 85/15% 
von den SteinenTyson12366011149;ext=5483 236-601-1149 ext 5483 PG 2-926Safety & SecuritySafety & SecurityDirector, Safety & Security