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Last NameFirst NamePhone # Email CampusLocationDepartmentDivisionTitleCredentials
Toner-RogalaEdel12366011956;ext=5962 PG Access & Continuing Education Fti Post Diploma HR 
BenoitEdward17787631576;ext=5691 778-763-1576 ext 5691 PG Vice-President Academic Associate Vice President Academic 
LitkeElizabeth17787631599;ext=5207 PG Financial Services Cashier Accounts Receivable Clerk 
ThomasonElla12366011985;ext=5991 PG Student Services Financial Aid Team Lead 
WinofskyEllen12363010605;ext=7621 QN Quesnel Instructor Social Worker 
GiddensElyse12366011081;ext=5479 PG Policy, Planning and Strategy Dir Policy,planning&strategy 
BayfieldEmily QN N116QuesnelRegional CampusesCustodian - Regional 
SkyttaEmma PG Health Sciences Instructor Dental Hygiene 
Yorke-HamiltonEmmalee17787631597;ext=5910 778-763-1597 ext 5910 PG Student Life and Housing Administrative Assistant, Student Life & Housing 
JohnsonEric12366010898;ext=5342 PG Planning & Institutional Res Research & Planning Analy 
NelErica12366011951;ext=5957 PG Health Sciences Pt Sonography Type 1C 
BuskermolenErin12366012730;ext=6025 PG Health Sciences Fxtm Manager, Clinical Placements 
JacobsErin PG Food Services Cas Cafeteria Assistant 
SiemensErin12505673201;ext=3201 NE Nechako Project Planner S/C 30/30/20/20 
WangEunyoung PG Student Registration & Records Enrolment Services Rep 
GregoryEva12363010766;ext=7687 QN Quesnel FTI Ma/phy/ACDU SC 35/33/32 
GilhoolyEvan PG Safety & Security Security Guard 
HendryEvan17787631533;ext=5621 778-763-1533 ext 5621 PG 2-1015Trades & TechnologyCivil EngineeringFti Civil Engineering TechnologyC.E.T.
WattEvelyn12366010813;ext=5238 236-601-0813 ext 5238 PG 3-370Human Resources Associate Director Human ResourcesB.Comm., CHRP