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Last NameFirst NamePhone # Email CampusLocationDepartmentDivisionTitleCredentials
BaylonMa.Paz PG Vice-President Academic Education Council Students 
BrownMaddison12366010932;ext=5387 PG Learning Commons Library Assistant Office 
AravindMaheswari17787631588;ext=5796 778-763-1588 ext 5796 PG 2-310Human Srv, UT & Bus StudiesHuman Srv, UT & Bus StudiesInstructor ChemistryB.Sc, M.Sc, M.Phil, B.Ed, PhD
BodnerMalcolm12366010776;ext=5188 PG Trades & Technology PT Trades Discovery Type 3 
BothamMandy12366012724;ext=6019 PG Health Sciences Lvrp Admin Assist Dean Health 
NewcombMandy12366011155;ext=5491 PG Trades & Technology Instructor Professional Cook 
SinclairMarc12366010972;ext=5442 236-601-0972 ext 5442 PG 2-900Human Srv, UT & Bus StudiesHuman Srv, UT & Bus StudiesInstructor Sociology Criminology 
L'heureuxMarcel12366012733;ext=6028 PG Trades & Technology Pt Instructor Welding 
WestMarcy Rae12509977222;ext=7222 MK Mackenzie Program Assistant Ces 
CostleyMaren PG Student Services Student Recreation Assistant 
BakerMargaret12366010849;ext=5280 236-601-0849 ext 5280 PG 3-336Financial Services Accounts Payable ClerkDiploma in Accounting and Finance (CNC), B.Comm., Accounting (UNBC)
LomodMarie PG Student Services Student Recreation Assistant 
KaulfussMarilyn12366010807;ext=5225 PG Access & Continuing Education Fti Post Diploma Info Tech 
GoudreauMark PG Safety & Security Security Guard 
KarjaluotoMark12366010933;ext=5388 236-601-0933 ext 5388 PG 2-383Marketing & CommunicationsCommunicationsExecutive Director, Marketing and Communications 
SelkirkMark12366010827;ext=5256 PG Trades & Technology Instructor Welding 
WendlingMark12366011373;ext=5493 PG Human Srv, UT & Bus Studies Instructor Accounting 
BeaulieuMarlene12505615825;ext=5825 PG President Executive Assistant President 
EricksonMarlene PG Aboriginal Education Executive Dir Aboriginal Ed 
BomanMarnee12366010855;ext=5288 236-601-0855 ext 5288 PG 1-761Student Services Academic Advisor - NursingB.A. Dip. Management Studies
GregorMarta17787630938;ext=5542 778-763-0938 ext 5542 PG 1-759Student ServicesStudent ServicesFinancial Aid ClerkB. A. (UNBC)
TejeroMarta12366015095;ext=5514 236-601-5095 ext 5514 PG 1-318Access & Continuing Education Instructor ESL INT ED 
RaveloMartin12366010974;ext=5444 236-601-0974 ext 5444 PG Human Srv, UT & Bus StudiesHuman Srv, UT & Bus StudiesFTI Philosophy/CUE S/C 50/50 
RunionsMary PG Facilities Services Custodian 
PartykaMateusz17787631536;ext=5629 PG Human Srv, UT & Bus Studies Instructor F/T English 
HeslopMathew17787630994;ext=5569 PG College Store College Store Assistant 
HarperMatt12366010787;ext=5201 PG Facilities Services Manager, Capital Projects 
BaragerMatthew PG Human Srv, UT & Bus Studies Sessional History 
RahmanMd Mahbubur17787631058;ext=5586 778-763-1058 ext 5586 PG PGTrades & TechnologyTrades & TechnologyFti Civil Engineering Technology 
MoiMeagan12366010883;ext=5322 236-601-0883 ext 5322 PG 3-231Health SciencesHealth SciencesFTI Sonography 
BradshawMegan12366010778;ext=5190 PG Office of the Registrar Acting Associate Registrar 
WardMegan PG Facilities Services Custodial Caretaker 
AlavipourMehrad12366012774;ext=6069 PG Human Srv, UT & Bus Studies Instructor Math Pt Type 1A 
LambieMelanie PG Marketing & Communications Recreation Supervisor 
LawMelanie12363010761;ext=7683 QN QuesnelHuman Srv, UT & Bus StudiesInstructor English 
WorfolkMelinda12366010952;ext=5412 236-601-0952 ext 5412 PG 2-344Human Srv, UT & Bus Studies Fti Acdu 
ClementMelissa12366012709;ext=6004 PG Human Srv, UT & Bus Studies Sess Anthropology Instructor 
MjolsnessMelissa12366010894;ext=5337 236-601-0894 ext 5337 PG Research Forest FT Senior Research Forest Asst. 
PrinceMelissa12509962493;ext=2493 FT Nechako Seas Regional Clerk 
BrandtMichael12366012768;ext=6063 PG Human Srv, UT & Bus Studies Pt Instructor Sociology/Criminology T 1A 
BuchananMichael17787631056;ext=5577 PG Access & Continuing Education Fti Post Diploma Info Tech 
BurgessMichael12366010878;ext=5316 PG Trades & Technology Fti Electrical - Do Not Use 
LancelotMichael12366010840;ext=5271 PG College Store College Store Supervisor 
LatalaMichal17787631561;ext=5668 778-763-1561 ext 5668 PG 2-231Access & Continuing EducationSchool of Access and Continuing EducationFT ESL 
McFarlinMichele17787631600 PG Health Sciences Administrative Assistant to the Educational Administrator 
ZuccolloMichele PG Safety & Security Cas Security Guard No Cert 
LuiMichelle17787631548;ext=5645 778-763-1548 ext 5645 PG 3-108Health SciencesHealth SciencesFti Medical Laboratory Technology Instructor 
SullivanMichelle12366010887;ext=5326 PG Centre for Teaching & Learning Fxtm Project Planner - CTL Program & Quality 
TattariMichelle PG Safety & Security Lvrlp Security Guard 
WoolfMichelle12366015109;ext=5524 PG Access & Continuing Education Fti Post Diploma HR 
Bakermike12366012558;ext=5506 PG Health Sciences Instructor Practical Nurse 
EgglestoneMike17787631573;ext=5686 PG Access & Continuing Education Fti Post Diploma Info Tech 
RayMike17787631537;ext=5630 PG Centre for Teaching & Learning Education Developer 
YangMiley17787631555 PG Policy, Planning and Strategy Admin Asst & Project Coord 
HuangMin-Yi12366010989;ext=5463 PG Health Sciences Med Lab Tech- Lab Technologist 
RoscheMira12366010959;ext=5420 236-601-0959 ext 5420 PG 2-134Health SciencesHealth SciencesFull Time MRTRTR, RTMR, CTIC, PID.
LudwigMiriam12505673249;ext=3312 NE Nechako Sessional Instructor Health Care Assistant 
NikolicMisa17787631643;ext=5939 PG Human Srv, UT & Bus Studies FTI WEGD/Fine Arts Instructor s/c 50/50 
ManeerMohammed PG President Board Honourarium 
CostleyMonica12366012541;ext=5505 236-601-2541 ext 5505 PG Marketing & Communications Events Coordinator 
AkterMosammat PG Human Srv, UT & Bus Studies Fti Ace/Chem 31/69% S/C 
RahmanMuhammad12366010808;ext=5228 236-601-0808 ext 5228 PG Access & Continuing Education Act Associate Dean, Access & CE S/C 20/30/50 
RolufsMuriel12505615853 5853 PG Trades & Technology Administrative Assistant Career Technical Centre