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Last NameFirst NamePhone # Email CampusLocationDepartmentDivisionTitleCredentials
OvingtonKaela PG Access & Continuing Education Cas Admin Coord C&ce 
SollosyKaitlin12366012747;ext=6042 PG Trades & Technology Lvrpl Administrative Assist to the Educational Administrator 
BaragerKaitlyn PG Human Srv, UT & Bus StudiesHuman Srv, UT & Bus StudiesInstructor Human Kinetics 
FarrellKaitlyn17787631604;ext=6098 778-763-1604 ext 5253 PG Office of the Registrar Enrolment Services Representative 
McMath-MauroKaitlyn PG Food Services Cas Cafeteria Assistant 
WainwrightKandice17787631641;ext=5937 PG Health Sciences Med Lab Tech- Lab Technologist 
CrosinaKara17787630974;ext=5561 PG Human Srv, UT & Bus Studies Instructor Chemistry 
CashKaren12363010253;ext=7607 QN Quesnel Acting Project Planner 
GilbertKari Ann12505673218;ext=3218 NE Nechako Project Coordinator S/C 56/44 
WhyteKarina MK Mackenzie Custodian - Regional S/C 40/30/30 
DoyonKatee-Leigh PG Applied Research & Innov. Cas Jr Research Assistant 
NesdolyKatherine12366010965;ext=5429 PG Learning Commons Library Assistant Cataloguing/Processing 
EastonKathleen17787631048;ext=5572 PG Vice-President Academic Term Manager, Strategic Projects 
OlsonKathleen12366010895;ext=5339 PG Human Resources Human Resources Administrator 
MolendykKatrina17787631658;ext=6097 236-601-0875 ext 5313 PG 2-381Marketing & Communications Donor Relations & Alumni Officer 
DunphyKaylyn12509917550;ext=7550 QN Quesnel Cas Aboriginal Student Support Worker 
PshykKeith PG Facilities Services Custodian 
TedfordKeith12366010997;ext=5474 236-601-0997 ext 5474 PG 1-320Access & Continuing Education FT ESL 
RossKelly12366010923;ext=5374 PG Health Sciences Fti Ncbnp 
WesselsKelly17787630960;ext=5551 PG Human Srv, UT & Bus Studies Instructor Biology 
CacklerKen12366010829;ext=5259 PG Safety & Security Coordinator, Safety and Security 
RowellKen17787631574;ext=5687 PG Trades & Technology Instructor Automotive Mechanics 
Van AalstKen17787631654;ext=5917 PG Facilities Services Director Facilities Services 
CailKendra PG Facilities Services Custodian 
PorteousKenneth PG Trades & Technology Technician S/C 80/10/10 
AndristKent PG Trades & Technology Pt Instructor Power Engineering 
LarsonKim12366015100;ext=5519 PG Health Sciences Fti Medical Laboratory Technology Instructor 
KellyKirsten MK Mackenzie Cas Custodian Regional S/C 40/30/30 
LevarKrista12366010944;ext=5404 PG Human Srv, UT & Bus Studies FTI Business Management 
HilderKristin12505615814;ext=5814 PG Centre for Teaching & Learning Administrative Assistant Education Council 
WatsonKrysten17787630972;ext=5559 778-763-0972 ext 5559 PG 1-715College StoreCollege StoreCollege Store Assistant 
PoulinKrystie12366010781 PG Health Sciences FTI Sonography