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Last NameFirst NamePhone # Email CampusLocationDepartmentDivisionTitleCredentials
HotvedtAaron5821 PG 2-922Facilities Services Custodian 
TkachukAaron12366012759;ext=6054 PG Health Sciences Sessional MRT 
MansourAbeer12366010819;ext=5247 236-601-0819 ext 5247 PG 2-328Human Srv, UT & Bus Studies Instructor BiologyPhD (Egypt)
NtapasAleakie12366010891;ext=5332 PG Office of the Registrar Act Admissions Officer 
AshtonAlexander12366010964;ext=5428 236-601-0964 ext 5428 PG Trades & Technology Fti Civil Engineering TechnologyB. Sc. Civil Engineering M. Sc. Urban Planning and Management
ChinAlexander17787630985;ext=5563 778-763-0985 ext 5563 PG 2-308Information Technology Service Network Administrator IB.Sc. (UNBC)
WagstaffeAlexandra PG Arts & Social Services Sessional English Instructor 
LasnierAlexandre12366010868;ext=5307 PG Human Srv, UT & Bus Studies Instructor Mathematics 
DoucetteAlice12509977212 MK Mackenzie Fxtm Program Support 
WinkelAlice PG Human Srv, UT & Bus Studies Fti Acdu 
Bowen-ColthurstAlissa PG Marketing & Communications Marketing & Comm Officer 
FenskeAllison PG Office of the Registrar Cas Enrolment Services Representative 
MutualAlycia12366010874;ext=5312 236-601-0874 ext 5312 PG Human Srv, UT & Bus StudiesHuman Srv, UT & Bus StudiesInstructor F/T English 
ZanetteAlysha17787631089;ext=5597 PG Human Resources Leave 02 
DaviesAmanda LD Lakes District Seas Custodian - Regional 84/16 
BillingAmandeep12366010988;ext=5460 236-601-0988 ext 5460 PG 1-778International Education Financial Administrative Assistant - International 
SinghAmandeep PG Vice-President Academic Education Council Students 
SoinAmandeep17789244110;ext=1813 LD Lakes District Admissions and Admin Coord 
InghamAmber17787631532;ext=5620 PG Office of the Registrar Information Services Rep 
MerrickAmelia12366010794;ext=5208 236-601-0794 ext 5208 PG Access & Continuing Education Act Dean, School of Access & Continuing Ed S/C 50/30/20 
ShiAmelia12366015107;ext=5522 5517 PG 2-247BHuman Srv, UT & Bus StudiesHuman Srv, UT & Bus StudiesInstructor Psychology 
ParmarAmritpaul12366011961;ext=5967 PG Trades & Technology Auto Technician 
HudsonAmy17787631639;ext=5935 PG Office of the Registrar Fxtm Admissions Asst 
RivardAmy PG Health Sciences Fti Ncbnp 
ErwinAndrea12366010914;ext=5362 PG Human Srv, UT & Bus Studies Fti Nret 
MattinsonAndrea12363010280;ext=7608 7608 QN N101Quesnel Admissions and Administrative Coordinator 
MorrisonAndrea12509977205;ext=7205 7205 MK MackenzieRegional CampusesAboriginal Advisor/Liaison 
FocklerAndrew12366012770;ext=6065 PG Human Srv, UT & Bus Studies Part Time Business Mgt Type 1B2 
TaylorAndrew12363010743;ext=7643 7643 QN S231QuesnelHuman Srv, UT & Bus StudiesInstructor Biology 
GallantAngela12366012761;ext=6056 PG Arts & Social Services Sess Sociology 
MahtaniAnisha PG Student Services Student Recreation Assistant 
YeuletAnita12366010818;ext=5246 236-601-0818 ext 5246 PG 2-260Human Resources Leave 02BScN, MN
HolmesAnn12366010859;ext=5293 236-601-0859 ext 5293 PG 1-516Human Srv, UT & Bus Studies Instructor Human Kinetics 
ThringAnn12366011152;ext=5487 PG Human Srv, UT & Bus Studies FTI Business Management 
ThomsonAnna12505673204;ext=3204 NE Nechako Operations Manager - Nechako S/C 
HarrisAnne12366010985;ext=5456 236-601-0985 ext 5456 PG 1-787International Education Associate Director International EdB. Music (Hons.) (Birmingham), M. Music (East Anglia), CPP, CHRP
KitchenAnnette17787631477;ext=5610 778-763-1477 ext 5610 PG 1-435Health Sciences Instructor Dental Assisting 
MajercsakAnnette17787631650;ext=5945 5810 PG 1-401Health SciencesDental StudiesSea Dental Rec&csc 50/50%Dental Assistant and Office Manager
StevensAnnette12505615820;ext=5820 PG Vice-President Academic Executive Assistant to the Vp Academic 
FarrAnthony12366010969;ext=5439 236-601-0969 ext 5439 PG Facilities Services Maintenance/Grounds 
RossiAntonietta PG Learning CommonsLearning CommonsCasual Library Asst Circulation Shelver 
GazzanoAraham17787631634;ext=5932 PG 2-110Planning & Institutional Res Research Analyst, Business Intelligence 
FleuryArlen12366011072;ext=5477 236-601-1072 ext 5477 PG 2-308Information Technology Service System Administrator I 
KandaArshpreet12366012764;ext=6059 PG Planning & Institutional Res Manager, Institutional Research 
WilliamsArthur 17787631551;ext=5652 778-763-1551 ext 5652 PG Nicholson Campus 135Trades & Technology Instructor Heavy Duty Mechanics 
SinghArvinder PG Safety & Security Security Guard 
SeniunasAshley12366010984;ext=5455 PG International Education Administrative Coordinator International Recruitment 
StopplerAshley12366012719;ext=6014 PG Access & Continuing Education Part Time HR Management 1B1 
MagnussonAshton PG Health Sciences Instructor Practical Nurse 
SwitajAsia12366015114;ext=5926 PG Office of the Registrar Enrolment Services Representative 
LeighAuroara12366011966;ext=5972 PG Centre for Teaching & Learning Sess Curriculum Developer 
BhattiAvtar17787630943;ext=5547 778-763-0943 ext 5547 PG 2-811Trades & TechnologyTrades & TechnologyInstructor Power Engineering 
RudlandAzucena12366010832;ext=5262 236-601-0832 ext 5262 PG 1-756Student Services Accessibility Advisor