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Last NameFirst NamePhone # Email CampusLocationDepartmentDivisionTitleCredentials
WagstaffeAlexandra PG Human Srv, UT & Bus Studies Pt English Type 1A 
WainwrightKandice17787631641;ext=5937 PG Health Sciences Med Lab Tech- Lab Technologist 
WaldnerLiam PG Food Services Seas Food Service Worker 
WalkerLarissa NE Nechako Regional Services Asst S/C 40/40/10/10 
WallTracy12366010800;ext=5216 PG Human Srv, UT & Bus Studies Instructor Mathematics 
WangEunyoung PG Student Registration & Records Enrolment Services Rep 
WarburtonJane PG Office of the Registrar Admissions Officer 
WardMegan PG Facilities Services Custodial Caretaker 
WarmerdamJoleen12366010806;ext=5223 PG Health Sciences Instructor Health Care Assistant 
WasstromChristina12366015093;ext=5512 236-601-5093 ext 5512 PG 2-134Health Sciences Full Time MRT 
WatsonKrysten17787630972;ext=5559 778-763-0972 ext 5559 PG 1-715College StoreCollege StoreCollege Store Assistant 
WatsonWilliam236-601-0826 ext 5255 PG 1-717College Store Print Shop Technician 
WattEvelyn12366010813;ext=5238 236-601-0813 ext 5238 PG 3-370Human Resources Associate Director Human ResourcesB.Comm., CHRP
WebbJulian PG Vice-President Academic Education Council Students 
WellerLaura12366010897;ext=5341 PG Procurement Services Procurement Analyst 
WendlingMark12366011373;ext=5493 PG Human Srv, UT & Bus Studies Instructor Accounting 
WerrellTroy12366010910;ext=5356 PG Trades & Technology FT Piping Trades 
WesselJulie12366010994;ext=5468 236-601-0994 ext 5468 PG 3-336Human ResourcesHuman ResourcesManager, Labour RelationsMA, BSc
WesselsKelly PG Vice-President Academic Leave 01 
WestMarcy Rae12509977222;ext=7222 MK Mackenzie Program Assistant Ces 
WettlauferDarby PG Office of the Registrar Student Recruiter 
WhyteKarina MK Mackenzie Custodian - Regional S/C 40/30/30 
WiebeRoger PG Facilities Services Custodial Caretaker 
WilliamsArthur17787631551;ext=5652 778-763-1551 ext 5652 PG Nicholson Campus 135Trades & Technology Instructor Heavy Duty Mechanics 
WilliamsMaeghan PG Health Sciences PT PNUR Type 1C2 
WinkelAlice PG Human Srv, UT & Bus Studies Fti Acdu 
WinofskyEllen QN Quesnel Fti Sswk S/C 58/42% 
WoolfMichelle12366015109;ext=5524 PG Access & Continuing Education Fti Post Diploma HR 
WoolgarRhea PG Centre for Teaching & Learning Education Developer 
WorfolkMelinda12366010952;ext=5412 236-601-0952 ext 5412 PG 2-344Human Srv, UT & Bus Studies Fti Acdu 
Work ChandraOdette1(250)-567-3242 3242 NE Nechako Sessional Instructor Health Care Assistant 
WormellJason12366012702;ext=5997 PG Facilities Services Maintenance/Grounds 
WrightJanelle PG Research Forest Cas Student Research Assist