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Last NameFirst NamePhone # Email CampusLocationDepartmentDivisionTitleCredentials
MacDonaldCheryl5640 PG 1-117Human Srv, UT & Bus StudiesHuman Srv, UT & Bus StudiesInstuctor 
MacDonaldGwendoline PG Human Srv, UT & Bus StudiesMedical Laboratory TechnologyMed Lab Tech 
MacDonaldJenylyn7509 QN S137Regional CampusesRegional CampusesLibrary Technician 
MacDonaldTodd5669 PG 2-926Facilities ServicesFacilities ServicesDirector Facilities Services 
MacMillanDesmond PG   Pt Instructor Business Management T1a 
MacMillanJohn778-763-1113 ext 5606 PG 2-1086ElectricalTrades & TechnologyInstructor 
MadjiteyJacob236-601-0871 ext 5309 PG 2-337Finance/CommerceHuman Srv, UT & Bus StudiesInstructor 
MadsenJennifer236-601-5096 ext 5516 PG 2-327School of Access and Continuing EducationSchool of Access and Continuing EducationInstructorBComm, PIDP, MEd
MadsenJennifer236-601-5096 ext 5516 PG 2-327Computer Network TechniciansTrades & TechnologyInstructorBComm, PIDP, MEd
MadukeJeffery PG   PT CEI Life Skills Type 2B 
MagnussonAshton PG Health Sciences Instructor Practical Nurse 
MaidesPeter236-601-0870 ext 5308 PG 1-332EnglishHuman Srv, UT & Bus StudiesInstructorB.A., M.A. (Victoria)
MajercsakAnnette5810 PG 1-401Health SciencesDental StudiesPatient Services Coordinator -- DenalDental Assistant and Office Manager
MaleWendy778-763-1059 ext 5587 PG 2-362Health SciencesHealth SciencesActing Associate Dean in Health Sciences 
MalenaJoanne PG Access & Continuing EducationInternational EducationInstructor - ESL 
MankadShruti236-601-0801 ext 5217 PG 1-750Student Services Academic Advising Team Lead 
MannTwyla PG Medical Laboratory TechnologyHealth SciencesMED LAB TECH 
MansourAbeer236-601-0819 ext 5247 PG 2-328BiologyHuman Srv, UT & Bus StudiesBiology InstructorPhD (Egypt)
MaoDong Qing PG NRETNRETPT Instructor 
MarchandErik PG Human Srv, UT & Bus StudiesHuman Srv, UT & Bus StudiesBusiness Administration Instructor 
MarianoRaymundo5821 PG 2-922Facilities ServicesFacilities ServicesCustodian 
MarjoribanksAlison PG Health SciencesNursingNCBNP 
MartensJordan778-763-0989 ext 5564 PG 2-308Information Technology ServiceInformation Technology ServiceSystem / Network Administrator 
MartinShawnda QN N202Regional CampusesRegional CampusesInstructor 
MarukLorne778-763-1579 ext 5697 PG 2-1014ElectricalTrades & TechnologyInstructor 
MasseyNathanael PG ManagementHuman Srv, UT & Bus StudiesInstructor 
MastromatteoJan778-763-0942 ext 5546 PG 1-327Womens StudiesHuman Srv, UT & Bus StudiesInstructorB.A. (Gen.), B.A (Spec.), M.A. (UofA), ABD in PhD. (UofA and York U.)
MatharuKarandeep PG Health Sciences Sessional Dental Assisting 
MatheusFabricio PG Human Srv, UT & Bus StudiesTourismPT Instructor Tourism & Hotel Management 
MatlockChandra PG   PT CEI International Business 
MatteKayleen PG   PT DENH Type 1C1 
MatthewsCharity778-763-0948 ext 5548 PG 1-334EnglishHuman Srv, UT & Bus StudiesInstructorB.A., M.A. (UNBC); Phd (UBC)
MatthewsLayth236-601-0975 ext 5445 PG 2-908Human Srv, UT & Bus StudiesHuman Srv, UT & Bus StudiesBusiness Instructor 
MattinsonAndrea7608 QN N101Regional Campuses Admissions & Administrative Coordinator 
MattioliSophia QN Quesnel Instructor Nursing 
MatuleBaiba PG Applied Research & Innov.Applied Research & Innov.Fxtm Jr. Research Assistant 
McCarthyRenee QN Regional CampusesRegional CampusesSecurity/Laborer 
McCauleyBrenda QN Health SciencesHealth Care AssistantPT CEI HCAP Type 1C4 
McClairOlivia PG Student Services Lvrpl Recreation Supervisor 
McConnachieMelissa PG Marketing & Communications Casual Donor & Alumni Relations 
McCulloughMichelle PG Arts and Sciences PT ABT Type 2B 
McFaddenLyndsy PG 2-219NursingHealth SciencesInstructor 
McFarlinMichele778-763-1600 ext 5913 PG 2-360Health Sciences Admin Asst Health Sciences 
McInroyPamela PG International Education Director International Early Access 
McIntyreLinda7616/7623 QN N229Regional CampusesRegional CampusesInstructor - CE/ABT 
McIvorJamie778-763-1593 ext 5906 PG 1-725aTesting and Tutoring ServicesStudent ServicesCoordinator 
McKenzieMichael PG   PT Trades Type 3 
McKinnonNicole PG Health SciencesHealth SciencesPT Med Lab Tech 
McKoneBrittany PG   PT DENH Type 1C1 
McMeekenRaye7225 MK Regional CampusesRegional CampusesProject Planner - New Horizons 
McMillanLindsey778-763-1590 ext 5903 PG Facilities ServicesFacilities ServicesFacilities Services Assistant (Leave Replacement) 
McMillanScott PG Trades & TechnologyTrades & TechnologyCEI Trades 
McNaughtonYvonne PG Health SciencesHealth SciencesPT NCBNP Instructor 
McWhinnieScott PG School of Access and Continuing EducationSchool of Access and Continuing EducationInstructor 
McWhinnieShannon778-763-1550 ext 5647 PG Medical Laboratory TechnologyHealth SciencesSeasonal Med Lab Tech-Laboratory Technologist 
MeestoDarian PG Students' Union Indigenous Students' Representative 
MehrassaNahid236-601-0970 ext 5440 PG 2-900Human Srv, UT & Bus StudiesHuman Srv, UT & Bus StudiesBusiness Administration Instructor 
Mellquist-YoungJessica PG LawHuman Srv, UT & Bus StudiesInstructorJ.D.
MengeRebecca5196 PG 1-112aHuman Srv, UT & Bus StudiesHuman Srv, UT & Bus StudiesPT Instructor - Business & TourismMBA
MercedesBonnie PG 1-343Human Srv, UT & Bus StudiesHuman Srv, UT & Bus StudiesInstructor Tourism/Hotel 
MerrickAmelia236-601-0794 ext 5208 PG Access & Continuing Education Act Dean, School of Access & Continuing Ed S/C 50/30/20 
MerrittSuzy778-763-1581 ext 5701 PG 3-375Human ResourcesHuman ResourcesAdvisor, Labour RelationsBComm (UNBC), CPHR
MeszarosJames778-763-0990 ext 5565 PG 2-309Information Technology ServiceInformation Technology ServiceSystem/Network Admin 
Michael-DidierDani236-601-0798 ext 5212 PG 1-103School of Access and Continuing EducationSchool of Access and Continuing EducationInstructor 
MilliganRobert PG Health Sciences Act Assoc Dean Health Sciences 
MillnerBrittnee PG   Cas Junior Research Forest Ast 
MillsSean778-763-0308 ext 5533 PG 2-307Information Technology ServiceInformation Technology ServiceApplication DeveloperB.Sc. (UNBC)
MinardPaul PG Heavy DutyHeavy DutySessional Heavy Duty Mechanic 
MitchellHeather PG Human Srv, UT & Bus Studies FTI WEGD/FINE Instructor s/c 60/40 
MjolsnessMelissa236-601-0894 ext 5337 PG 2-390Research ForestHuman Srv, UT & Bus StudiesSr. Research AssistantTFT
MjolsnessMelissa236-601-0894 ext 5337 PG Research Forest FT Senior Research Forest Asst. 
MoffattDebra PG   Pt English Type 1A 
MoiMeagan236-601-0883 ext 5322 PG 3-231Health SciencesHealth SciencesSonography 
MolendykKatrina236-601-0875 ext 5313 PG 2-381Marketing & Communications Donor Relations & Alumni Officer 
MonkTrudy QN Quesnel Sessional Industry Trades S/C 66/34 
MontgomeryShelby PG 3-231NursingHealth SciencesInstructor 
Montgomery-HewettChris236-601-1109 ext 5480 PG 2-1017Trades & TechnologyTrades & TechnologyAssociate Dean of Trades 
MoralesGabrielle PG   Casual Lab Tech - Medical Laboratory Technologist 
MorganPatricia QN S229Regional CampusesRegional CampusesInstructor 
MorinTroy3202 PG PGArts & Social Services Associate Dean Susca 
MorrisonAndrea7205 MK Regional CampusesRegional CampusesAboriginal Advisor/Liaison 
MottYvonne778-763-1052 ext 5574 PG 2-260NursingHealth SciencesInstructor - NCBNP (ON LEAVE) 
MotwaniHiya Hiranand PG Applied Research & Innov. Cas Student Research Assistant 
MphafiNaledi PG Student Services Casual Testing Coordinator 
MuellerKirsten5543 PG 1-348Human Srv, UT & Bus StudiesHuman Srv, UT & Bus StudiesInstructor 
MunchinskyRachelle236-601-0880 ext 5319 PG 2-908Centre for Teaching & LearningCentre for Teaching & LearningProject Planner, Programs & QualityB.A. (UNBC)
MuradFaatimah PG Centre for Teaching & LearningCentre for Teaching & LearningCurriculum Developer 
Murillo BallesterosAngelica PG   Fxtm Project Coordinator-Int 
MurphyTammy PG Medical Laboratory TechnologyHealth SciencesMed Lab Tech 
MutualAlycia236-601-0874 ext 5312 PG 2-242Human Srv, UT & Bus StudiesHuman Srv, UT & Bus StudiesInstructor 
MutualAlycia236-601-0874 ext 5312 PG Human Srv, UT & Bus StudiesHuman Srv, UT & Bus StudiesInstructor F/T English