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Last NameFirst NamePhone # Email CampusLocationDepartmentDivisionTitleCredentials
LalondeLisa12363010774;ext=7701 QN Quesnel Clerk II S/C 69/31 
LamChun On12366012710;ext=6005 PG 2-110Planning & Institutional Res Labour Market & Research Analyst (pir)M.A, B.A
LambRob12366011982;ext=5988 PG Information Technology Service Software Developer I 
LambieMelanie PG Marketing & Communications Recreation Supervisor 
LampronDave12366010834;ext=5264 236-601-0834 ext 5264 PG 2-309AInformation Technology ServiceInformation Technology ServiceChief Information Officer 
LancelotMichael12366010840;ext=5271 PG College Store College Store Supervisor 
LarmandCaralee17787631531;ext=5616 PG Student Services Student Success Coordinator 
LarochelleLori LD Lakes District Sessional Adult Ed Centre 
LarocqueLouise PG Vice-President AcademicSchool of Access and Continuing EducationLeave 01 
LarsonKim12366015100;ext=5519 PG Health Sciences Fti Medical Laboratory Technology Instructor 
LasnierAlexandre12366010868;ext=5307 PG Human Srv, UT & Bus Studies Instructor Mathematics 
LatalaMichal17787631561;ext=5668 778-763-1561 ext 5668 PG 2-231Access & Continuing EducationSchool of Access and Continuing EducationFT ESL 
LavalleeCharmaine12509977204;ext=7204 MK Mackenzie Admin Assistant 
LawMelanie12363010761;ext=7683 QN QuesnelHuman Srv, UT & Bus StudiesInstructor English 
Le FaitJames1 (236)-601-0999 5476 PG Information Technology Service Cas Service Desk Analyst I 
LegaraLeah Villanueva12509977247;ext=7247 7200 MK MackenzieRegional CampusesAdmission Clerk 
LeighAuroara12366011966;ext=5972 PG Centre for Teaching & Learning Sess Curriculum Developer 
LerouxSamantha17787631592;ext=5905 PG Access & Continuing Education Administrative Assistant to the Educational Administrator 
LestageJennifer PG Health Sciences LVRPL Lab Tech/Adminstrative Assistant SoHS 
LevarKrista12366010944;ext=5404 PG Human Srv, UT & Bus Studies FTI Business Management 
LewisCynthia17787631547;ext=5641 PG Health Sciences Instructor Dental Assisting 
LiangWei12366010876;ext=5314 PG Human Srv, UT & Bus Studies FTI Business Management 
LilienweissNancy12363010758;ext=7659 QN Quesnel Regional Mark Coord S/C 40/60 
LinSherry12509917538;ext=7538 QN Quesnel Lvrpl Admissions & Administrative Coordinator 
L'ItalienNicole PG Health Sciences Fti Ncbnp 
LittleGail17787631096;ext=5604 778-763-1096 ext 5604 PG 1-754Student ServicesStudent ServicesManager, Student Success & Retention 
LittleJennifer17787630952;ext=5549 778-763-0952 ext 5549 PG 1-323Access & Continuing Education FT ESL 
LittlerBradly17787631556;ext=5663 PG Human Srv, UT & Bus Studies Fti Acdu 
LittlerThuy12366011559;ext=5500 PG Human Resources Hr Advisor Analyst 
LiuRong12366010943 PG Information Technology Service Software Developer II 
LiuXiao Xue12509977211;ext=7301 MK Mackenzie Employment & Education Planner 
LloydChelsea12366010861;ext=5296 PG Learning Commons Lib Technician-Ancillary Ser 
LodgeSharon NE Nechako Custodian - Regional 
LoerkePearl12366010824;ext=5252 PG Office of the Registrar Records Officer - Finance 
LomodMarie PG Student Services Student Recreation Assistant 
LovittJames12366010939;ext=5396 PG Learning Commons Fti Reg Servs Librarian S/C 
LuiMichelle17787631548;ext=5645 778-763-1548 ext 5645 PG 3-108Health SciencesHealth SciencesFti Medical Laboratory Technology Instructor 
LundRoxsann PG Human Srv, UT & Bus Studies Casual Biology Lab Tech 
LuntyToni1 (236)-601-0976 5446 PG Health Sciences Fti Ncbnp 
LupulNicole12363010781;ext=7600 QN Quesnel Program Assistant - Trades 
LutsiakTara PG Trades & Technology Administrative Assistant to the Educational Administrator