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Last NameFirst NamePhone # Email CampusLocationDepartmentDivisionTitleCredentials
RahmanMuhammad5524 PG 1-728HR ManagementCommunity & Continuing EducationInstructorMBA, B.Com
RajputAlika5812 PG 2-307Information Technology ServicesInformation Technology ServicesHelpdesk Technical AgentB.A. (UNBC)
RamcharranDaniel5813 PG 2-384Communication ServicesCommunication ServicesStudent Recruitment AdvisorB.Sc., CHRP
RamsayMax PG Facilities ServicesFacilities ServicesCasual Labourer 
RaphaelClifford5276 PG 2-248AGeographySchool of University Studies and Career AccessInstructorB.A. (Hons.) (McMaster), M.Sc. (UBC)
RapleyRon5229 PG 2-922Facilities ServicesFacilities ServicesPainter 
RatzburgBritta7611 QN S226Regional CampusesRegional CampusesInstructor - ACDU 
ReadeJennifer5573 PG 2-342AnthropologySchool of University Studies and Career AccessInstructor 
ReayAmber5470 PG 1-739Office of the RegistrarOffice of the RegistrarPublic Service Representative 
RechsteinerAnthony5249 PG 1-215Professional CookSchool of Trades & TechnologiesInstructorDiploma in Adult Education (VCC), Certified Chef du Cuisine (Canadian Culinary Institute)
ReedJennifer7618 QN N208Regional CampusesRegional CampusesNursing Lab TechRHN
ReedJohn5294 PG 2-1007School of Trades & TechnologiesSchool of Trades & TechnologiesOperations Manager 
ReichRichard5275 PG NRETSchool of University Studies and Career AccessInstructor 
ReidRebecca5843 PG 2-1005School of Trades & TechnologiesSchool of Trades & TechnologiesPrograms PlannerBA (SFU)
ReiersonCrystal PG 2-922Facilities ServicesFacilities ServicesCasual Custodian 
ReimersMia PG BusinessSchool of University Studies and Career AccessInstructor 
ReiserHenry5825 PG Office of the PresidentOffice of the PresidentPresident 
ReistadPatricia7701 QN S120Regional CampusesRegional CampusesAdmin Support Clerk II 
RentonHeather PG Mackenzie CampusRegional CampusesRegional CampusesTutor 
RiceBlair5462 PG 2-1088ElectricalSchool of Trades & TechnologiesInstructor 
RivardAmy5248 PG 2-260NursingSchool of Health SciencesInstructor 
RoachAlysha5597 PG 2-245aMed Rad TechSchool of Health SciencesInstructor 
RobergeShelby PG NursingSchool of Health SciencesInstructor 
RobertsKeely PG Practical NursingSchool of Health SciencesInstructor 
RobillardVida7312 MK Mackenzie CampusRegional CampusesRegional CampusesInstructor- CCPB.Ed.
RobinsElizabeth MK Mackenzie CampusRegional CampusesRegional CampusesEmployment & Education Advisor 
RobinsonLisa PG 2-922Facilities ServicesFacilities ServicesCustodian 
RobinsonSean5478 PG 1-721College StoreCollege StoreManager, Retail and Dining Services 
RogersDeanna5364 PG 1-739Office of the RegistrarOffice of the RegistrarActing Records Maintenance Clerk 
RoscheMira5420 PG 2-134Med Rad TechSchool of Health SciencesProgram Coordinator/Instructor/Clinical AdviserRTR, RTMR, CTIC, PID.
RoseGreg5554 PG 3-229NRETSchool of University Studies and Career AccessInstructor 
RossKelly7636 QN N207Regional CampusesRegional CampusesInstructor - NursingRN, BScN, MP, FNP.
RossMorgan7537 QN S113Regional CampusesRegional CampusesRegional Principal 
RossiFrank5495 PG 2-1008School of Trades & TechnologiesSchool of Trades & TechnologiesDeanAuto TQ & IP, Cert Adult Education (Victoria), PID, M.Ed.
RourkeDavid5257 PG 2-227PhysicsSchool of University Studies and Career AccessInstructorB.Sc. (Hons.), M.Sc. (SFU)
RowellKen5687 PG 2-1010AutomotiveSchool of Trades & TechnologiesInstructor 
RowellKyle PG 1-303Students' UnionStudents' UnionNews Editor - The Confluence 
RoyAlexander5218 PG 2-308Information Technology ServicesInformation Technology ServicesComputer Support Technician 
RoyMelinda5441 PG 1-747Planning & Institutional ResearchOffice of the RegistrarResearch Analyst 
RubisLynda NE Nechako CampusRegional CampusesRegional CampusesInstructor - CCP 
RudeckiBarbara5670 PG 2-228PhysicsSchool of University Studies and Career AccessInstructorM.Sc., P.Eng.
RudlandAzucena5262 PG 1-758Accessibility ServicesAccessibility ServicesDisability Support Services Advisor 
RustadLeanne5341 PG 1-339Procurement ServicesProcurement ServicesPurchasing Analyst 
RuthDustin5889 PG 2-381Communication ServicesCommunication ServicesCommunications Officer