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Last NameFirst NamePhone # Email CampusLocationDepartmentDivisionTitleCredentials
KahlChristina5702 PG 3-340Financial ServicesFinancial ServicesManager, Budget Development and Analysis 
KandolaCrystal5802 PG 3-325Executive OfficeOffice of VP - Admin/FinanceExecutive Assistant 
KaneGreg PG School of University Studies and Career AccessSchool of University Studies and Career AccessInstructor - ON LEAVE 
KapphahnRobert5679 PG 2-1085ElectricalSchool of Trades & TechnologiesInstructor 
Karanbir Singh PG 1-303Students' UnionStudents' UnionTreasurer 
KaulbackJason5688 PG 2-1038AutomotiveSchool of Trades & TechnologiesTechnician 
KaulfussMarilyn5225 PG 2-1009PDIT & CNETSchool of Trades & TechnologiesInstructor 
KaweesiGeorge5518 PG 2-336Computer ScienceSchool of University Studies and Career AccessInstructorB.Sc. (Hons) (Dar es Salaam), M.Sc. (Saskatchewan)
KayGordon PG 1-302Facilities ServicesFacilities ServicesSecurity Guard 
KealyKathleen FT Ft St. James CampusRegional CampusesRegional CampusesChildren & Family Program Coordinator 
KellyChristopher PG   PT CEI Curriculum Development 
KempNathaniel PG 1-302SecurityFacilities ServicesSecurity 
KempsterRandy5568 PG Nicholson CampusHeavy DutySchool of Trades & TechnologiesInstructor 
KerswillJason PG 1-510Human KineticsSchool of University Studies and Career AccessInstructor 
KilpatrickJessica NE Ft. St. James CampusRegional CampusesRegional CampusesInstructor - Trades 
KinchSarah5479 PG 3-372Human ResourcesHuman ResourcesLeave Replacement AdministratorBA
KingAllissa PG Med Lab TechSchool of Health SciencesInstructor 
KingErica5837 PG 1-725Testing and Tutoring ServicesTesting and Tutoring ServicesTesting Coordinator - Testing & Tutoring ServicesB.Sc & B.Ed (SFU)
KitchenAnnette5610 PG 1-420Dental StudiesSchool of Health SciencesInstructorC.D.A.; BC Provincial Instructor Diploma (VCC)
KobewkaPhilip PG Continuing EducationContinuing EducationInstructor 
KoehnKim PG KineticsSchool of University Studies and Career AccessP/T Instructor 
KolybabaJulie5430 PG 1-763Office of the RegistrarOffice of the RegistrarAdministrative Assistant 
KortegaardEunice5377 PG 1-460Health and WellnessStudent ServicesAdministrative Assistant 
KragtConnie PG Health and WellnessStudent ServicesHealth & Wellness Admin Assistant 
KralCameron250 640-4580 PG 2-310Applied Research & InnovationApplied Research & InnovationStudent Assistant Researcher 
KronebuschLaureen PG 2-922Facilities ServicesFacilities ServicesCustodian 
KubertRobert PG Facilities ServicesFacilities ServicesGroundsperson 
KuharchukDennis5236 PG WeldingSchool of Trades & TechnologiesTechnician 
KulchyskiTammy5821 PG 2-922Facilities ServicesFacilities ServicesAdmin Assistant