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Last NameFirst NamePhone # Email CampusLocationDepartmentDivisionTitleCredentials
MacElheronSabreena5627 PG 1-788International EducationInternational EducationInternational Academic Advisor / Student Engagement Coordinator 
ShenkSamuel PG International EducationInternational EducationCasual International Summer Program Coordinator 
DouglasSandra PG Nechako CampusRegional CampusesRegional CampusesPart-Time Instructor 
ThorneSandra PG NursingSchool of Health SciencesP/T Instructor - NCBNP 
JohnSarah567-3200 3304 NE Nechako CampusRegional CampusesRegional CampusesAboriginal Liaison/CoordinatorB.A. (SFU), M.Ed.(SFU)
StoreySarrah699-6249 NE Nechako CampusRegional CampusesRegional CampusesChildren & Program Coordinator 
AulakhSatvinder5330 PG 1-743Office of the RegistrarOffice of the RegistrarScheduling & Systems Support RepresentativeCIS Dip. (CNC), Bus. Admin. Cert. (CNC)
MillsSean5533 PG 2-307Information Technology ServicesInformation Technology ServicesApplication DeveloperB.Sc. (UNBC)
RobinsonSean5478 PG 1-721College StoreCollege StoreManager, Retail and Dining Services 
SiddalsSean5557 PG 2-335WEGDSchool of University Studies and Career AccessInstructor 
MulitaloSenara1756 LD 156Regional CampusesRegional CampusesAdministrative Assistant 
BezoShannon7221 MK Mackenzie CampusRegional CampusesRegional CampusesRegional Principal 
KinneyShannon PG Aboriginal Resource CentreAboriginal Resource CentreAborig Student Advisor 
McWhinnieShannon5647 PG Med Lab TechSchool of Health SciencesSeasonal Med Lab Tech-Laboratory Technologist 
PerlstromShannon5524 PG 2-344Academic Upgrading (ACDU)School of University Studies and Career AccessInstructor 
WeirSharon7623 QN Quesnel CampusRegional CampusesRegional CampusesLab Tech - Nursing 
StoreyShawn5565 PG 2-308Information Technology ServicesInformation Technology ServicesComputer Technician 
ClareSheldon5602 PG 1-326HistorySchool of University Studies and Career AccessInstructorA.A. (CNC), B.A. (UBC), M.A. (Cum Laude - Norwich)
SpeedShelley5507 PG 2-246AMed Rad TechSchool of Health SciencesInstructor 
LilleySherry MK Mackenzie CampusRegional CampusesRegional CampusesP/T Instructor 
PrestonSherry5377 PG 1-460Health and WellnessHealth and WellnessNurse Practitioner - NHA CNC/UNBCR.N., B.Sc.N., N.P.T
ShawSherry7655 QN S229Regional CampusesRegional CampusesInstructor - CE 
TalbotShona5417 PG 1-743Office of the RegistrarOffice of the RegistrarScheduling and Systems Support RepresentativeB.Sc. Bio (UNBC), Tech. Dip. GIS (CNC)
NiShudao5245 PG 3-230NRETSchool of University Studies and Career AccessInstructorB.Sc. (Hebei, China), M.Sc. (China of Geoscience), RPF (Pr Geo)
MasonShyan5841 PG 2-360School of Health SciencesSchool of Health SciencesAdministrative Assistant 
TranskenSi PG SociologySchool of University Studies and Career AccessInstructor 
HuntSonya PG ManagementSchool of University Studies and Career AccessInstructor 
SpiersSonya7506 QN S114Regional CampusesRegional CampusesAdmin Assistant 
DingmanStacy5284 PG 3-236NRETSchool of University Studies and Career AccessTechnicianDip. Tech., RTF
DubeStephane5424 PG 3-233NRETSchool of University Studies and Career AccessInstructor 
PopoffStephanie5574 PG 2-224aMed Lab TechSchool of Health SciencesInstructorB.ED (UNBC), BMLSc (UBC), Dipl. MLT (BCIT)
ChaseStephen5409 PG 1-102Community & Continuing EducationCommunity & Continuing EducationProgram Assistant 
DavisStephen5234 PG 2-890Power EngineeringSchool of Trades & TechnologiesInstructor 
FreschiStephen PG Continuing EducationContinuing EducationInstructor 
PlainStephen5451 PG 2-811WeldingSchool of Trades & TechnologiesInstructor 
JeffersonSteve5634 PG Nicholson Campus Rm 119Heavy DutySchool of Trades & TechnologiesInstructorHDM IP, CT IP, PID
DicksonSteven5398 PG 2-308Information Technology ServicesInformation Technology ServicesOperations SupervisorCIS (CNC), CAST (TRU)
GieseSteven5402 PG 2-308Information Technology ServicesInformation Technology ServicesComputer Support Technician 
PerisonSteven5357 PG 1-739Office of the RegistrarOffice of the RegistrarAssociate RegistrarCIS Diploma
ScottSteven5818 PG 1-760Counselling & AdvisingStudent ServicesAcademic Advisor 
BaldingerSue5458 PG 2-901TAPSTAPSYouth Worker 
McAllisterSue5237 PG 3-324Office of VP - Admin/FinanceOffice of VP - Admin/FinanceVP Admin & FinanceC.M.A.
OvingtonSue5266 PG 3-339Financial ServicesFinancial ServicesManager, Financial Planning & OperationsCPA, CMA
BarfootSusan7104 NE Ft St. James CampusRegional CampusesRegional CampusesAboriginal Student Support Worker 
BarnesSusan MK Regional CampusesRegional CampusesInstructor - CCP 
BensonSusan LD Lakes District CampusRegional CampusesRegional CampusesCustodian 
BlakeSusan7302 MK Mackenzie CampusRegional CampusesRegional CampusesInstructor 
CornelisSuzanne5696 PG 2-349Med Lab TechSchool of Health SciencesP/T Instructor 
LefebvreSuzanne PG English Language Training/ESLContinuing EducationInstructor 
WoodrowSuzanne PG Continuing EducationInternational EducationPart-Time Instructor 
MerrittSuzy5466 PG 3-375Human ResourcesHuman ResourcesInterim Human Resources Advisor, Recruitment & Development 
ThomasSylvia1830 LD Lakes District Campus  Regional Clerk