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Last NameFirst NamePhone # Email CampusLocationDepartmentDivisionTitleCredentials
BrownMaddison5811 PG 2-724LibraryLibraryLibrary Assistant 
BakerMaggie5280 PG 3-336Accounts PayableFinancial ServicesClerkDiploma in Accounting and Finance (CNC), B.Comm., Accounting (UNBC)
AravindMahi5796 PG 1-102ChemistrySchool of University Studies and Career AccessInstructorB.Sc, M.Sc, M.Phil, B.Ed, PhD
AravindMahi5796 PG 1-102MathematicsSchool of University Studies and Career AccessInstructorB.Sc, M.Sc, M.Phil, B.Ed, PhD
AravindMahi5523 PG 1-724ATesting and Tutoring ServicesStudent ServicesInstructor 
NewcombMandy5249/5268 PG 1-216aProfessional CookSchool of Trades & TechnologiesInstructor 
DaigleMarc MK   Sessional Academic Upgrading 
SchulmeisterMarc PG 2-310Applied Research & InnovationApplied Research & InnovationStudent ResearcherThird Class Power Engineer's certificate
SinclairMarc5272 PG 2-341SociologySchool of University Studies and Career AccessInstructor 
BerlinMargaret5368 PG 2-261Practical NursingSchool of Health SciencesInstructorRN, GNC (c), PID (VCC)
TamkinMarian PG English Language Training/ESLContinuing EducationInstructor 
PerisonMarie5809 PG 1-339Procurement ServicesProcurement ServicesJunior Buyer Admin Assistant 
AngMarilyn5549 PG English Language Training/ESLInternational EducationInstructor 
KaulfussMarilyn5225 PG 2-1009PDIT & CNETSchool of Trades & TechnologiesInstructor 
GoudreauMark PG 2-922Facilities ServicesFacilities ServicesSecurity 
PrinceMark PG Nechako CampusRegional CampusesRegional CampusesCasual Driver 
SelkirkMark5256 PG 2-811WeldingSchool of Trades & TechnologiesInstructor 
WendlingMark5493 PG 2-346Business Math/FinanceSchool of University Studies and Career AccessInstructor 
BeaulieuMarlene5825 PG 3-330Executive OfficeOffice of the PresidentExecutive Office Administrator 
EricksonMarlene5301 PG 3-325Office of VP - AcademicOffice of VP - AcademicDirector Aboriginal EducationB.A. (Western Washington); MEd (SFU)
HolmesMarli5273 PG 1-739Office of the RegistrarOffice of the RegistrarPublic Service Representative 
BomanMarnee5818 PG 1-761Counselling & AdvisingStudent ServicesAcademic AdvisorB.A. Dip. Management Studies
TejeroMarta5514 PG 1-318English Language Training/ESLInternational EducationInstructor - ESLB.A. (BC), CELTA (Cambridge), ID (VCC), M.Ed. (Calgary)
LouieMartin PG First Nations StudiesSchool of University Studies and Career AccessInstructor 
TierneyMary Ann5667 PG 1-786International EducationInternational EducationActing Director 
HumphreysMathew5527 PG 1-727Continuing EducationContinuing EducationAdmin Assistant 
HunterMatt5431 PG 2-922Facilities ServicesFacilities ServicesPower Engineer 
PartykaMatt5629 PG 1-327EnglishSchool of University Studies and Career AccessInstructorMA (Eng)
McLeanMatthew PG 2-391Applied Research & InnovationApplied Research & InnovationSenior Research Assistant 
JonesMaureen5333 PG 3-307English Language Training/ESLInternational EducationInstructor 
RamsayMax PG Facilities ServicesFacilities ServicesCasual Labourer 
BishopMeagan PG NursingSchool of Health SciencesInstructor 
GermaineMeghan5399 PG 1-343NursingSchool of Health SciencesInstructor 
GinterMeghan5455 PG 1-735Community & Continuing EducationCommunity & Continuing EducationProgram Coordinator 
NielsenMegon5852 PG 1-303Students' UnionStudents' UnionServices & Office Coordinator 
WangMei5329 PG 2-345Academic Upgrading (ACDU)School of University Studies and Career AccessInstructorB.Sc., M.Sc.
NealisMelinda PG International EducationInternational EducationStudent Services Assistant 
RoyMelinda5441 PG 1-747Planning & Institutional ResearchOffice of the RegistrarResearch Analyst 
WorfolkMelinda5412 PG 2-344Academic Upgrading (ACDU)School of University Studies and Career AccessInstructorB.A. (BC), M.A. (UNBC), CELTA (Cambridge)
GrattanMelissa7216 MK Mackenzie CampusRegional CampusesRegional CampusesAdmissions Clerk 
MillsMelissa692-1700 732 PG Lakes District CampusRegional CampusesRegional CampusesFamily Support Worker 
MjolsnessMelissa5337 PG 2-390Applied Research & InnovationApplied Research & InnovationSr. Research AssistantTFT
PrinceMelissa7103 FT Ft. St. James CampusRegional CampusesRegional CampusesCasual Regional Clerk 
DrakeMercedes5897 PG 1-102Social Service Worker (SSW)School of University Studies and Career AccessInstructor 
ReimersMia PG Business Math/FinanceSchool of University Studies and Career AccessInstructor 
AngellMichael PG Continuing EducationInternational EducationInstructor 
BakerMichael5506 PG 2-216Practical NursingSchool of Health SciencesP/T Instructor 
BuchananMichael PG Community & Continuing EducationCommunity & Continuing EducationInstructor 
LancelotMichael5271 PG 1-716College StoreCollege StoreSupervisor 
LatalaMichal5668 PG 2-231English Language Training/ESLInternational EducationInstructor 
HadleyMichealle PG Continuing EducationContinuing EducationSterile Processing Tech 
FlemingMichele MK Regional CampusesRegional CampusesP/T Instructor 
WaiteMichele7303 MK Mackenzie CampusRegional CampusesRegional CampusesEmployment & Education AdvisorB.A.
GodfreyMichelle QN Quesnel CampusStudents' UnionStudents' UnionQuesnel Campus Representative 
GunterMichelle7201 MK Mackenzie CampusRegional CampusesRegional CampusesAdmissions Clerk 
JacksonMichelle5422 PG 3-336Financial ServicesFinancial ServicesFinance Assistant 
LuiMichelle5645 PG 2-245bMed Lab TechSchool of Health SciencesInstructor 
ScottMichelle5209 PG 1-778International EducationInternational EducationAdministrative Coordinator International Education 
TenniscoMichelle MK Mackenzie CampusRegional CampusesRegional CampusesInstructor - CE 
WoolfMichelle PG 1-728HR ManagementCommunity & Continuing EducationInstructorMBA, CPHR
WorthMichelle5823 PG 3-331Office of VP - AcademicOffice of VP - AcademicDirector, Special ProjectsB.Ed. (Alberta), M.Ed. (Alberta), Ph.D (Alberta)
EgglestoneMike5686 PG 2-1016PDIT & CNETSchool of Trades & TechnologiesInstructorCNET Diploma (CNC), A+, MTA, LPI
YangMiley5662 PG 1-779International EducationInternational EducationInternational Student Engagement Coordinator 
HuangMin5318 PG Med Lab TechSchool of Health SciencesInstructor 
RoscheMira5420 PG 2-134Med Rad TechSchool of Health SciencesInstructor/Clinical AdvisorRTR, RTMR, CTIC
LudwigMiriam NE Nechako CampusRegional CampusesRegional CampusesPT HCAP Instructor 
CallahanMolly PG School of University Studies and Career AccessSchool of University Studies and Career AccessP/T Instructor 
CostleyMonica5505 PG 2-381Communication ServicesCommunication ServicesEvents CoordinatorC.D.A (CNC) Prostho Module
OlmstedMoreen PG Practical NursingSchool of Health SciencesPT Instructor 
RossMorgan7537 QN S113Regional CampusesRegional CampusesRegional Principal 
RahmanMuhammad5524 PG 1-728HR ManagementCommunity & Continuing EducationInstructorMBA, B.Com
DillaboughMuriel7203 MK Mackenzie CampusRegional CampusesRegional CampusesAdministrative Finance Supervisor 
HlacaMuriel MK Mackenzie CampusRegional CampusesRegional CampusesCustodian