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Last NameFirst NamePhone # Email CampusLocationDepartmentDivisionTitleCredentials
DosanjhBalbir FT Ft. St. James CampusRegional CampusesRegional CampusesCustodian 
PeakeBarb PG DaycareDaycareDaycareAssistant Teacher - Casual 
JohnsonBarbara7629 QN S111Regional CampusesRegional CampusesSenior Accounting Clerk 
NielsenBarbara QN Quesnel CampusRegional CampusesRegional CampusesPT Instructor 
OldBarbara5591 PG 1-786Community & International EducationInternational EducationON LEAVE - Director of InternationalB.A. (Victoria), M.Ed. (UBC)
RobertsonBarbara5406 PG 2-240PsychologySchool of University Studies and Career AccessInstructorB.Sc. (Alberta), M.A. (Western Ontario)
RudeckiBarbara5670 PG 2-228PhysicsSchool of University Studies and Career AccessInstructorM.Sc., P.Eng.
CampbellBarry7656 QN T126Regional CampusesRegional CampusesInstructor - Welding 
UllahBashet PG MathematicsSchool of University Studies and Career AccessInstructor 
StewartBenjamin2-1010 PG 5410PDIT & CNETSchool of Trades & TechnologiesInstructor 
PoeppelBernard5821 PG 2-922Facilities ServicesFacilities ServicesMaintenance 
OzustBetty5404 PG 2-247aFine ArtsSchool of University Studies and Career AccessInstructor 
DeutchBill5639 PG 2-1011AutomotiveSchool of Trades & TechnologiesInstructorAuto TQ, PID, Adult Ed Prov Dep, CFC, Aircare, LPG, CNG
NessBilly-Jo PG CafeteriaFood ServicesCollege StoreCasual Cafeteria Assistant 
CraftBlair PG PDIT & CNETContinuing EducationInstructor 
RiceBlair5462 PG 2-1088ElectricalSchool of Trades & TechnologiesInstructor 
BigelowBob5483 PG 2-927Facilities ServicesFacilities ServicesManager 
MercedesBonnie5313 PG 2-381Communication ServicesCommunication ServicesFundraising & Alumni Coordinator 
BuksaBook5805 PG 2-710Media ServicesLibraryAssistantG.C.I.U., T.Q.
BellBrad1810 LD Lakes District CampusRegional CampusesRegional CampusesAdult Education Centre InstructorB.A. (Mount Allison)
BownessBrad5264 PG 2-307bInformation Technology ServicesInformation Technology ServicesChief Information Officer (CIO) 
EvansBrad PG Continuing EducationInternational EducationInstructor 
LittlerBradly5663 PG 2-241MathematicsSchool of University Studies and Career AccessInstructor 
WiensBrenda3200 NE Nechako CampusRegional CampusesRegional CampusesAccess Clerk 
WilfurBrenda5499 PG 1-759Counselling & AdvisingCounselling & AdvisingAcademic Advisor 
YeeBrenda5394 PG 2-723LibraryLibraryLibrarian - Technical ServicesB.A., M.L.S.
BarberBrian5340 PG 2-338EconomicsSchool of University Studies and Career AccessInstructor 
BrowneBrian250 561 5821 5431 PG 2-922Facilities ServicesFacilities ServicesPower Plant Supervisor 
BurkeBrian5416 PG 2-308Information Technology ServicesInformation Technology ServicesComputer Support Technician 
DuffelsBrian PG PsychologySchool of University Studies and Career AccessP/T Instructor 
HarrisonBrian5699 PG 2-1054ElectricalSchool of Trades & TechnologiesElectronic TechASCT, IP
WillmsBrian PG Continuing EducationCommunity EducationP/T Faculty 
CruiseBrit PG Lakes District CampusRegional CampusesRegional CampusesInstructor 
PetersonBrittany7636 QN N207Regional CampusesRegional CampusesInstructor - Nursing 
FarrBrooke5567 PG 3-336Accounts ReceivableFinancial ServicesInternational Student Records 
AllanBruce5537 PG 2-239First Nations StudiesSchool of University Studies and Career AccessInstructorB.Ed. (UBC), M.Ed. (Gonzaga)
BennettBruce5513 PG 2-348ManagementSchool of University Studies and Career AccessInstructorB.A., M.B.A.
LoerkeBruce5423 PG 1-724CTesting and Tutoring ServicesStudent ServicesInstructorB.A. (SFU)
NortheyBruce5543 PG 1-348Social Service Worker (SSW)School of University Studies and Career AccessInstructorB.A. (Carleton), M.S.W (UBC), R.S.W.
MasseyBryce5263 PG 2-811MillwrightSchool of Trades & TechnologiesInstructor 
HayashiByron5240 PG 2-811AutomotiveSchool of Trades & TechnologiesInstructor