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Department NamePhone NumberEmailFax NumberCampus
Career Technical Centre (CTC)250-561-5858ctc@cnc.bc.ca250-561-5844PG
Carpentry5694/5685/5684/5265 PG
Centre for Teaching and PG
Chaplaincy250-562-2131 PG
Chemistry Lab5327/5830 PG
CNC Toll Free Number1 800 371 8111 PG
College Store250-561-5808250-561-5822PG
Communication Services250-561-5859250-561-5876PG
Community Education250-561-5846250-561-5862PG
Continuing Education250-561-5846continuinged@cnc.bc.ca250-561-5862PG
Counselling & PG
CUPE250-596-3221 PG