ABE Adult Basic EducationNote: We now use the term CCP (College and Career Preparation). CCP courses help you gain basic literacy in language and math, finish your high school education, and gain skills and prerequisites for other College courses.
ABESAP Adult Basic Education Student Assistance Program 
ABT Applied Business Technology 
ACCC Association of Canadian Community Colleges 
Accreditation .A course or program that has met established standards and is nationally or regionally recognized by appropriate accrediting agencies has received accreditation.
AD&D Accidental Death and Dismemberment 
AECE Aboriginal Early Childhood Education program 
AGC Academic Governance Council 
AMB Aboriginal Management Board 
ANTH Anthropology 
Apply .The act of submitting a completed application for admission, with the required fee, to the CNC Admissions Office
APSC Applied Sciences 
ARC Aboriginal Resource Centre 
ASCH Annual Student Contact Hours 
ASE Adult Special Education 
Associate degreesThe College offers associate degrees in arts and science. These degrees take two years to complete, and can prepare you to enter a third-year bachelor's degree program at university.
ASTTBC Applied Science Technologists & Technicians of BC 
ATP Admission Testing Program 
AUCC Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada 
Audit status .If you audit a course, you do not receive credit for it, but still pay full fees. Please see the CNC calendar for a full explanation.
AV Audio-Visual (Media Services) 
AVED British Columbia Ministry of Advanced Education 
BCcampus British Columbia CampusAccess to online courses
BCCAT British Columbia Council on Admissions and Transfer 
BCSAP British Columbia Student Assistance Program 
BIO Biology 
Blackboard .Software used to deliver online courses, quizzes, discussions etc.
BNG Business: the Next GenerationA CNC program designed to foster entrepreneurship.
BSN Bachelor of Science in Nursing 
C&CE Community & Continuing Education 
CA Chartered Accountant 
CAAT Cooperative Advanced Apprenticeship Training Program  
CAD/CAM Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacturing 
CAI Computer Assisted Instruction 
Calendar .Print and online publication describing College programs, courses, services, policies and procedures
CAMF Capital Assets Management Framework 
CASS Community and School Support Program 
CAST Council for the Advancement of Science & Technology 
CCBOI Committee on Coordinated Bargaining Objective Initiative 
CCP College & Career PreparationCCP courses help you gain basic literacy in language and math, finish your high school education, and gain skills and prerequisites for other College courses.
CE Continuing Education 
CEISS Centre for Education Information Standards & Services 
CELTA Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults 
Certificate .A document awarded on the successful completion of a course or short-term (e.g., one-year) program.
CFS Canadian Federation of Students 
CGA Certified General Accountant 
CHEM Chemistry 
CIBI Community, Industry and Business Initiatives 
CIS Computer Information Systems 
CMA Certified Management Accountant 
CML Computer Managed Learning 
CNC College of New Caledonia 
CNC Connect .This program lets you access student records information to look up schedules and grades or register online.
CNET Computer Network Technician 
Co-op Co-operative Education 
COG Council of Governors 
Convocation .Formal CNC graduation ceremony (all programs, all campuses), usually held in Prince George in late May.
Corequisite .A course that must be taken at the same time as another, specified course
COTR College of the Rockies 
CPP Canada Pension Plan 
CREDA Canoe Robson Education Development Association 
Credit .In credit courses, each course has a number of credit hours which approximately reflects the total hours a student spends per week in that class. For example, a 3-credit course will require 3 hours of classes per week.
CRIM Criminology 
CRNBC College of Registered Nurses of British Columbia 
CSC Computer Science 
CSF Critical Success Factors 
CSS Centre for Student Success 
CSSAL Council of Senior Student Affair Leaders 
CST College Services Team (CNC) 
CSW Community Support Worker 
CTC Career Technical Centre 
CTMS Contract Training & Marketing Society 
CUPE Canadian Union of Public Employees, CNC Local 4951CNC Operational Staff union
DDI Digital Delivery InstructionCNC's video conferenced classes using high definition video enhanced with virtual learning environments and digital technologies.
Degree .A degree is an official college recognition for the completion of requirements for graduation. CNC offers Associate of Science and Associate of Arts degrees.
DEVC Developmental Disabilities Certificate 
Diploma .A document awarded on the successful completion of a program (usually of two or more years' duration)
Dogwood British Columbia Adult Graduation DiplomaEquivalent to Grade 12
EAT Educational Administrative Team (CNC) 
EBEC Employee Benefits Evaluation Committee 
ECE Early Childhood Education 
ECIAD Emily Carr Institute of Art & Design 
ECUAD Emily Carr University of Art & Design 
EDCO Education Council 
EDI Enterprise Development Institute 
EDT Engineering Design Technology 
EFAP Employee and Family Assistance Program 
EIC Employment & Immigration Canada 
ELSA English Language Services for Adults 
ELT English Language Training 
ELTT Entry Level Trades Training (Foundation Program) 
EMAT English and Math Achievement Test 
ENDT Engineering Graphics and Design Technology 
ENGL English 
ERA Employee Relations Association 
ESL English as a Second Language 
ETC Educational Technology CommitteeA sub-committee (working group) of the Technology Committee.
FA Faculty Association 
FASD Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder 
FINE Fine Arts 
FIS Facilities Inventory System 
FNDUG Far North DataTel Users Group 
FNESS First Nations Education Support Service 
FNST First Nations Studies 
FPSE Federation of Post-Secondary Educators of BC 
FTE Full-Time EquivalentExample: "We have X number of FTE students" or "X number of FTE staff"
GAP Go Anywhere Program (CNC/School District 57) 
GED General Education DevelopmentGrade 12 equivalency certificate
GEOG Geography 
GIS Geographic Information Systems 
GMAT Graduate Management Admission Test 
GPA Grade Point Average 
Graduate .A student who has completed a course of study in a certificate, diploma or associate degree program at the college.
GRE Graduate Record Examination 
GST Goods and Services Tax (Canada) 
HCA Health Care Assistant 
HDM Heavy Duty Mechanics  
HIST History 
HK Human Kinetics 
HOSP Hospitality 
HR Human Resources 
HRDC Human Resources Development Canada 
HRIS Human Resources Information System 
HRSDC Human Resources Services Development Canada 
HS/RCA Home Support/Resident Care Assistant  
IARG Internal Applied Research GrantAdministered through the Institute for Learning, Teaching and Research
IBP International Baccalaureate Program 
ICABC Institute of Chartered Accountants of British Columbia 
IDP Instructor Diploma Program 
IELTS International English Language Testing System 
ILTR Institute for Learning, Teaching and Research 
IMS Instructional Media Services 
IT Information Technology Services 
ITA Industry Training Authority 
ITAC Industry Training & Apprenticeship Commission 
ITF Integrated Technology Framework 
ITN Industry Training Network 
JADRC Joint Administration, Disputes, Resolutions Committee 
JET Job Education & Training program 
JJEC Joint Job Evaluation Committee 
KPI Key Performance Indicator 
LPN Licensed Practical Nurse 
LSAT Law School Admission Test 
LTD Long Term Disability 
MAE Ministry of Advanced Education 
Major .A major is a student's primary field of study or area of concentration. Choosing a major is important for students working toward an associate degree and/or transfer to a four-year institution.
MATH Mathematics 
MCAT Medical College Admission Test 
MLT Medical Laboratory Technology 
MLTS Medical Laboratory Technology Science 
MOFR Ministry of Forests and Range (BC) 
MRT Medical Radiography Technology 
MS Media Services 
MSDS Material Safety Data Sheets 
MSP Medical Services Plan 
NCBNP Northern Collaborative Baccalaureate Nursing Program 
NIRS Northern Institute for Resource Studies, in library 
NITEP Native Indian Teacher Education Program 
NLC Northern Lights College 
NORE Northern Outdoor Recreation and Ecotourism program 
NRET Natural Resources and Environmental Technology Program 
NSERC Natural Sciences and Engineering Council of Canada 
NTE National Teacher Examinations 
NVIT Nicola Valley Institute of Technology 
NWCC Northwest Community College 
OA Office Administration 
OFA Occupational First Aid 
OH&S Occupational Health and Safety 
OU Open University 
PAB Pension Advisory Board 
PAC President’s Advisory Committee (CNC) 
PATB Provincial Apprenticeship and Training Board 
PD Professional Development 
PDP Professional Development Program (SFU) 
PE Physical Education (Human Kinetics) 
PEN Personal Education Number 
PGNAETA Prince George Nechako Aboriginal Employment & Training 
PHIL Philosophy 
PHYS Physics 
PIDP Provincial Instructors Diploma Program 
PLA Prior Learning Assessment 
PLN Provincial Learning Network 
PMAC Purchasing Management Association of Canada 
PN Practical Nursing 
Prerequisite .A course that must be completed before taking another specific course. For example, MATH 155 is a prerequisite for MATH 157 -- i.e., you must take MATH 155 first.
PSCI Political Science 
PSEA Post Secondary Employers’ Association 
PSEC Post Secondary Employers’ Council 
PST Provincial Sales Tax 
PSYC Psychology 
PVT Pre-Vocational Training 
Registration .Registration is the process of choosing your specific courses in person or online. Registration is finalized only when you've paid your fees.
RIA Registered Industrial Accountant 
RNABC Registered Nurses’ Association of BC 
SA Students' Association 
SAAF Senior Academic Administrators Forum 
SAE Senior Alternate Education 
SAT Scholastic Aptitude Test 
Scantron Scan Test MachineA test scoring machine that scans “bubble sheets” (forms on which students mark answers to multiple-choice questions). Contact the Institute for Learning and Teaching for details.
SCH Student Contact Hour 
SCOEA Standing Committee on Evaluation & Accountability 
Semester .In many programs, the academic year is divided up into parts called semesters or terms (e.g., Fall semester: Sept.-Dec., Spring semester: Jan.-April)
SESAF Senior Educational Services Administrators Forum 
SFAO Senior Financial & Administrative Officers 
SFU Simon Fraser University 
SOC Sociology 
SOFA Safety Oriented First Aid Certificate 
SRS Student Record System 
SSAT Secondary School Admissions Test 
SSF Social Services Foundation 
SSTP Social Services Training Program 
SSWK Social Services Worker 
STD Short Term Disability 
SVI Society of Vocational Instructors 
TAPS Transitional Alternative Program (Trades/School District) 
TARGET Techniques for Access, Reaching Goals and Employment Training  
TEC Building Technical Education Centre Building, Prince George 
TOEFL Test of English as a Foreign Language 
Transcript .A transcript is an official record of all courses taken and grades earned; it is issued by the CNC Admissions department at the request of a student.
TRU Thompson Rivers UniversityFormerly UCC (University College of the Cariboo)
TS Technical ServicesLibrary Technical Services Department
TSE Test of Spoken English 
UBC University of British Columbia 
UC University Credit 
UNBC University of Northern British Columbia 
Undergraduate .A student who is taking courses in pursuit of an associate or bachelor's degree.
UT University TransferUniversity-level courses offered by CNC; fully equivalent to first- and second-year courses at university. These courses prepare you to transfer into third-year university.
UVIC University of Victoria 
VALT Volunteer Adult Literacy Tutoring 
VLE Virtual Learning EnvironmentThese web-based platforms allow course participants to access resources, discussions, activities and are ubiquitous within education institutions. Examples include Moodle, Canvas, or Blackboard.
WEB CT Web Course ToolsSoftware used to deliver online courses, quizzes, discussions etc.
WHMIS Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System 
WMST Women's Studies 
WRIT Writing and New Media Technologies 
YDLI Yinka Dene Language Institute